PhD Thesis: “Arquitectura y diseño flexible – Una revisión para una construcción más sostenible”


Flexible architecture is characterized by its adaptive and harmonious nature. Historically, various forms of architecture have emerged with the ability to adapt to different conditions and needs, thus becoming a novel solution that, even though it can’t be found on conventional architectural territory, in time it has become more sophisticate, setting the grounds for innovative solutions. This architecture is an alternative to the different solutions being offered to tackle the challenges of contemporary sustainability and energy savings in the practice, being respectful with the context on its historical, scenic, cultural, social, political and economic dimensions. In light of this concept, it is possible to group and interpret various architectures, all of them currently different and spread out, identifying their particularities and thus establishing a baseline for projecting more sustainable and flexible alternatives. 

Autor: Campos, Bruna Caroline P.
Director/a: Escoda Pastor, Carmen; Bravo i Farré, Lluís
Departamento/Instituto: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Departament de Representació Arquitectònica
Fecha de defensa: 02-10-2019
Materia(s): 69 – Materiales de construcción. Prácticas y procedimientos de construcción; 72 – Arquitectura
Área de conocimiento: Àrees temàtiques de la UPC::Arquitectura
Páginas: 309 p.