reimagining the waterfront

Reimagining the Waterfront Design Ideas Competition for Manhattan’s East River Esplanade New York City / U.S.A.

This project has the deal to arrange and revitalize the space between the Franklin D. Roosevelt East River and the East River. Is set on an vertical axis, including many moments located in all the water front, divided in four principal zones, the two extremes, where the first is a Civic Center and the another one a plaza, and the two zones that connect them, one of slow rhythm and another of high rhythm, where the last one be represented by a yellow line that moreover gives symbolic power to comprehend this connection between the extremes. This rout still be able to connect all the green areas situated in the east from the Manhattan island, throw a pre existent footbridge system that should remain active and revitalized, no just by your inherent function, but also by important viewpoints which gives the possibility of a new way to appreciate the urban viewpoints in the side of the East River.
This proposal also considers the existing establishments, as for example in the stretch from the 81th to 84th where be planned an extension of the Carl Schulz park just for pedestrians because the way for bikes continues in the level of Franklin D. Roosevelt East River Drive and be reintegrated, in the 91th inside to the park with a ramp. Also the past of this place should be contemplated, transforming and modernizing to be better spent, as can be seen in the reconstructions of the old decks of the 110th, of the 117th and with the building from the 60th.
Another very important approach is the use of shrubs, ground cover and climbing species in all the way hiding the Franklin D. Roosevelt East River, creating a new ambient with better visual and sound quality.
The two principal extremes that limits the union throw all the water front are: the cultural center situated in the 60th, and the plaza in the 125th. The first will be a building, constructed using the existent metal structure located in the side of the ED Koch Queensboro bridge, and will be the entrance to the open park proposed; a variety of cultural activities may be conducted inside of this translucent environment, from where will be possible to appreciate the beautiful
scenery of the river. In the opposite side, the end of the rout is the open place, the paved plaza in the 125th, protected by tree vegetation in the road border , and by the other side will be fully open to the river, allowing a new contact form between the city and the East River. The user will be able to openly contemplate the river from a privileged place alongside the Robert Kennedy Bridge.

Bruna Campos.Salvatore Barbaro

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