”Viaje, vivencia y arquitectura.”



Ninteenth Century Architects travelled to visit Roman and Greek masterpieces, especially concerned
about ornament as the most important feature in architecture style. Modernist masters like Le Corbusier
focused in other values of Mediterranean architecture like simplicity and purity, in accordance with the
new directions in 20 th Century European art. But there was another way to use that experience as a
creative seed, and a sample of that could be the work of Asplund. His travel experience was mainly about
the feeling of everyday life and provided the main argument for his later work as well as ideal concepts
and energy for his lifelong career in a somehow contemporary approach.
Travel sketches. Asplund. Miralles. Project.

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Link: https://upcommons.upc.edu/bitstream/handle/2117/24212/BIGAS+VIDAL01+Viaje+vivencia+y+arquitectura.pdf?sequence=1